My Confusing Life (1990-91)

The following letter was written in my Journalism journal in High school. Was cleaning out my closet and found a couple of old folders full of old poems and letters. I sure wished I wrote the date down, since I was in Journalism from 89 to 91. This one is still raw. Let’s see how my writing style changed after all these years.

My Confusing Life (1990-91)


                “So what can I say? Yes, my life is so confusing. I spent all day Thursday feeling like I don’t exist. Even during 6th period Journalism class, everybody forgot about me. I used to feel important, but something changed. No, everything changed, even my friends in journalism.

What is this, “Welcome to the Franklin Press Zone!”

Yes this does sound a bit too strange; you would have to be there to know the feeling. The way I feel, I don’t know. Everything that happens to me always goes the wrong way. I sometimes wonder why I am here. Getting lost – doing the same thing everyday. Yes, how confusing can life be? Homework- studying for tests, too much stress, mixed in with my confusion. I feel mad sometimes when I can’t get anything done, when I don’t get anything done, I then start to fail. Yes, a journalist does fail sometimes.

            How do you feel, when nothing goes right for you, on an important day, or when you are out with your friends, or that time, you can’t talk to that person you really like?  There are many things that happen to us- everyday, and there is no way around it. Sometimes I can’t get my feelings out, and it builds up inside. But, the problem is, when too much gets bottled up inside, then you start to sink into a deep depression.”

Well, there you have it. One of my very first pieces I wrote. Hey Beverly if you read this, you were the one I liked but couldn’t come around to talk to. I guess, these were the development years of my writing. I was so shy, back then that I always sat around and think up new things to write. Well, time to try to figure out what other writings I want to share from that time frame.



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