I’ve lost her! (1991)

Here is another Gem from my High School years. I don’t know if this counts as a letter, since this was the time my goal after graduation was to go to film school. Back then, a lot of my pieces were based on my real feelings at the time. I think this could well be a start of a new poem. I don’t know yet. Well, here it is:

I’ve lost her! (1991)

                I’ve spent many long months, alone, lost, confused, and wandering. Thinking about the girl I loved, whom I tragically lost. One moment she was beside me and I was happy, and the next moment, I died (mentally), and she disappeared.

            Will, I ever see and talk to her again? Or will I always be stuck in this void? Will she ever forgive this poor fool for what he said?

Come to think of it again, it became my poem Shattered Heart. Which back then were, this short piece and three separate poems, I put together as one Poem. With this can you tell how much my writing style has changed?



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