Don Lane, Who Was This Great Man?

Dear Bro,

            Hi, how are you doing this week? All is well here. A few days ago, I was cleaning out my closets, and I found a couple of boxes of Dad’s Air Force stuff and lots of pictures from the Vietnam War, and of the home front. I am planning on giving Phuong’s father the pictures so he can put them all on computer disc. I am also taking my own pictures of some of them and uploading them to Facebook too.

            You know that Dad died of Cancer when I was 7 or 8, can’t remember when exactly. All I have are old pictures and Air Force stuff of his. I can hardly remember him at all. The only person left on Dad’s side of the family that I have kept touch with by email is his Brother Jack. I wish, I knew how to get in contact with my family and cousins on the Lane side of the family. I think it’s a shame we lost contact when Dad died. The reason I am going through all of his things is because I want to put everything in one place, to make it easy for us to move.

            Donald Lane, Who was this great man? Sometimes I wonder who he was, what his likes were and what things he hated. As I look through all of these pictures, of him when he was in Vietnam during the War, I wonder if he was aboard that plane that brought Phuong’s family out of Vietnam. Are all the people he fought side by side with still alive, and would they remember him? Tomorrow I will go through some more pictures and post more pictures of Dad if I can find them, and maybe some old pictures of me. Well, I will write more then.



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