Memories, How Do We Store Them?

      Hi everyone, today I want to talk about memories. What are they besides the faded pictures of the soul and how to save them? My memories of my childhood come back to me as a faded slide show, shown behind a veil.  Both good and bad memories mixed together like a very bad fruit salad.  They get jumbled together in shuffle instead of perfect order. I think to just drive me insane.

            I have these strange memories of me doing bizarre things and my parents wondering what’s wrong with me. Memories of one of my past lives that keep playing over and over like a broken and scratched record. (Those round vinyl things we used to listen to music on way before your time.) Now that I am getting older, I am trying to find ways to save all these memories before they fade right before these old eyes of mine. My friend Yumi, sometimes talks about saving her memories on a flash drive in her writings. I think that is a good idea. Imagine, 100 years from now, you are sitting on a park bench in some park lets say on the moon after we colonize it. You want to remember the old days on planet earth, so you plug a flash drive in your head and replay those memories in an instant.

            We all have those special memories, you wished you can hold on to forever, but in an instant your memory goes, so does those memories. They will be hidden so deep in your conscience with no way to bring them to the surface of your mind. Recording them on something hard like a flash drive or a disk would be perfect. The same way as some of you, save your old and new photos to a CD or DVD.  Do something to those memories, the ones of your first love, the birth of your son, and your marriage. So you can remember those stories to tell your grand kids, somewhere down the line on whatever planet we end up on.

            Ok, those are my thought for the day. Till next time, Good night.



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