Possible Career Change

Dear Friends,

            Lately I have been thinking about a career change. O.k. it’s probably not much of a change, because it goes hand in hand with writing poetry. I want to try my hand at Song Writing. How hard can it be? All it is a Poem with a chorus thrown in. I will write the songs and have someone else write the music for it and sing it, since I can do neither.

            Too bad the Undeniables doesn’t have a Song writing Genre, if it did, I could try to write one song a day for 60 days. How is that for going to extremes? If they had this genre, more people might join. Instead of getting their songs published, someone famous would take their song and record it for them and get it out there for all to hear. Even the ones who are brave enough could sing it themselves on YouTube.  So who is with me on trying to write a song a day? Or who’s willing to support me on this?



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