I Am a Nobody, Trying to Get Known

Dear Friends,          

            Remember awhile back when I was feeling down, about having to self publish my book of poetry, well I have a few new ideas. As I mentioned in a letter to my friend Tony, asking for a favor of reading all of my poetry and picking his favorites out of all of them. I will give three people all my poems and then go from there. From those poems I will send a few different sets to publishers and see what happens. While all that is happening, I will try my hand at Song writing. If that works out, I might do that full-time.

            Lately my moods have been going both up and down, but the way things are going, I am starting to look at the bright side of life. Do you ever have these moments that you feel like you are in a Bollywood movie and want to break out in a long song and dance? Sometimes I wished my life was a musical, it would make it a lot more interesting and fun. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I have been listening to a lot of music lately on YouTube.  I’m sorry if I am repeating a lot of stuff lately in my letters.

            Ever since I came up with the idea to start writing songs instead of poetry, memories of being in Chorus class in Jr. High and the Marching Band in High school is coming back to the service of my mind. Strange things have been occurring all around me, after spending over 12 years volunteering in Little Tokyo, most of my friends now are either musicians or actors. A lot of people think I am too. It’s weird, how popular I have become within the last year alone.

            I am even getting a lot of friend requests from people on Facebook, who either think I am a famous musician or Actor. I add them anyways and let them find out on their own that I am just a nobody. They might have met me somewhere or heard about me in Little Tokyo from all the hours of Volunteer work I have done throughout the years. Funny I am playing all my favorite videos on YouTube and Tony T. Nguyen’s song “Not Alone” is playing now as I write this paragraph. I guess things are happening for a reason, is this a sign of things to come in my life? Who knows, I just hope is all for the good. Well, it’s getting late again, and I have written a bit too much. I think I might have lost half of you after the second paragraph, lol.

Good Night Everyone,



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