I Just Want To Be Somebody

       Hi everyone, I am going to keep with the same theme here today. Don’t you ever feel like you want to be somebody famous? Well, I do. I always wanted to be a published Writer, to have my books fill up the shelves of my favorite bookstore with copies in each library all over the world. At one time I wanted to be a famous movie director, until I found out that you needed to know how to act. All, I am trying to say is that I have always wanted to be somebody.

            Famous or just somebody, well-known and loved by all, isn’t that what we all want? It seems like I have a huge mountain to climb to make it to the top, the top of my world and my dreams. To finally be somebody even I can be proud of. The people I look up to are, Tony T. Nguyen, Scott Tang, Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Dan Auiler my High school Journalism Teacher. People I know who have made it and is someone people look up to and admire.

            I realized I should never leave a piece unfinished and publish it, it seems to get me to see strange comments when I am half asleep checking my messages in the morning. Ok people these are my thoughts at the moment I wrote it, just like my poetry, things change, my thoughts and feeling may change day-to-day. I know Tony, I am somebody. I am already well-known in my community; even people I didn’t know still know who I am. It’s funny. This title goes with the “I am a Nobody, trying to be known” letter.

Well, better end this rewrite here before I end up in even more hot water…Tea Anyone?



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