I Hate Doing Drugs, They Make You Crazy!

Dear Friends,

            It’s time to take you on a little adventure; this may be weird and downright crazy. The last few days I have been feeling sick with a bad cold. So I took these two magic pills called NyQuil +Vitamin C Cold and Flu, and Man they gave me the weirdest dreams ever. About a half hour after swallowing the pills, I started to see unicorns and other strange monsters at all corners of my bed coming at me. Do these pills suppose to make me hallucinate?

            Leave it to these drugs to bring you these classic dreams, The Airplane in the Fridge, Falling out of a plane with no parachute, and Lindy Getting Even with the YouTube Celebs. I learned one thing last night, to never watch Mythbusters and YouTube videos before bed. Why is it taking forever for these pills to wear off? I am still dizzy and really drowsy.  Ok, this is all I got for today



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