My Wife Makes Me Sick!

Dear Phuong,

            Hi, this is my first letter to you on my Word press. I’m sorry that it had to come down to this. Some things I just can’t say to you face to face. You know that I love you a lot, but lately you make me sick. O.k let me rephrase that, you made me sick. I have been unable to sleep with you coughing up a lung all night long. Why are you in so much denial about being sick? You bought some Cough syrup and you refuse to take it.

            You even didn’t like my other solution for how we can get over our sickness; we should sleep in separate rooms so we don’t keep spreading these germs between us, over and over again. At this rate we are never going to get better. I am dizzy, my body aches and I am awfully irritated. Don’t touch me, don’t cough near me, get your germs far and far away from me till you are all better. The only way you can help me, is please make the room stop spinning around me.



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