My 39th Birthday

My Birthday Dinner at Kabuki Restaurant

Dear Friends,

                        Yesterday was my 39th Birthday. My wife, my best friend and another friend took me to the Kabuki Restaurant in Pasadena for my birthday Dinner. I ordered a small pitcher of Apple Flavored sake and did a toast with my friends. My wife doesn’t drink, so she had a diet coke. My wife was acting goofy because she was tired, seemed like she was drunk instead of us. All in all I had a good dinner after the embarrassment of the waiter and waitresses singing Happy Birthday to me in Japanese and me blowing out the candle on my green tea ice cream.

                        Do you ever step out of yourself and watch what’s going on through someone else’s eyes? I was in the back seat of my friend’s car, while he was driving through South Pasadena passed the Vons, we shop at all the time. The scenes from my memories were floating by like I have never seen them before, like I was somebody else, not me. I felt different, besides being a year older, I felt like a new person, I don’t know it just felt weird. You know the empty hollowed out shell of a feeling, where you just feel empty and so alone inside?  I don’t know that is how I felt then at that moment in time, like I don’t exist in this world or time.  Sometimes I don’t know who these people who are around me at all times. What is my connection to them? Why do I exist, What is my purpose, Who am I really? Those types of questions come to mind.

                        My mom got me the new Play station 3 for my birthday, the bad thing is I thought I would be able to play my PS2 games on it but it says its not compatible. Oh well, now I need to save up for some games, in the mean time I can watch my Netflix streaming from the internet on it. And it’s a cool Blue-ray player. Maybe my friends who have a PS3 can loan me their games to play. Like Phuong said I will never get off this thing, it will suck me into its gaming world. Just like Second life did when we played that game all the time, when our avatars had a better life online than we did in real life. I really miss my friends in the Second Life world.

                        Until next time my friends, stay safe.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Fifi Wang
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 19:31:31

    wow… what a nice moment with friends & lovely wife at your birthday party brother. Enjoy playing your PS3 🙂
    Buddha bless you & phuong always…


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