Look How Far We Came

Dear Friends,

                        Hi everyone, did you all miss me during my Hiatus? I have been doing a lot of thinking since my Birthday on the 8th. Questions like how are we all as human beings standing upright from being on all fours, how did we come to electricity from the primitive fire? Who came up with the concept of time? And other questions that still boggle my mind at times.

                        Did Aliens drop a genius upon this earth every Century to bring us their technologies? Think about this awhile: We went from Playing with rocks and skins to make music, saving it on Vinyl records, to 8 Track tapes, to cassettes to CDs and now to MP3 players like the IPod or Zune. How we went from bows and arrows to sub machine and laser guns. Ok, those are my thought for the day. Let’s see what I dream up for tomorrow’s letter.



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