Neighbor Drama #7

Dear Friends,

                        Hi everyone, as you know I am stuck in an endless ring of sickness. Every time I feel better, my wife makes me feel worse. I don’t know why she is in denial of being sick with that cough of hers. Will this feeling of dizziness and the feeling that I was hit in the face go away? I hate having a sinus cold.  Now with some other problems, I just had the strangest text conversation with a stranger on my cell phone. Some girl sent me a text message saying that her mother told her to text me that she is stuck in traffic. I asked who this is and she told me her name, then I said that she had the wrong number. I threatened to call the police if she keeps bothering me, and her mother comes on and says she is the LAPD. If it was really a cop why would they tell their kid to text message the wrong person? Just wondering is it illegal to put a curse on a prank caller to get them to stop bothering me?

                        I sometimes think that the A*hole neighbor of mine is having her daughter call my house phone continuously to piss me off. When will all this drama end? I am home sick now when my wife goes to work, and I am not doing anything but avoid them at all costs, but somehow they seem to make a lot of noise in their apartment, and have their daughter hang out under my window, and try to make me look out my window to blame me for something else they think up. Is there anything I can legally do to get them to leave me alone, besides moving out and away from them? I really need to find a job that I like, to take me away from this place during the day. I have been looking and applying to places online, but nobody is calling me back.  Am I that bad?

Well, this is the heads up at what has been going on with me the last few days.



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