My New Goal

Dear Edren,

                        You had written that you don’t think I read your stuff anymore and said you wonder if I have any nuts. Well, I left you a little comment saying that I haven’t given up on your writing. My book is on hold until I can get some more printer ink, to print out my manuscript. I am going to print out all of the poems I have written for the writer’s workshop and give a manuscript to a few of my trusted friends to read and pick their favorite poems. From those poems I will then arrange them into a book manuscript to send to book publishers, to test the waters before I consider self publishing my work.

                        Today’s piece was going to be about Masturbation and sex but I am going to leave that one for another day. If you have been reading my writing each day or every other day that I actually write something new, you will know that the next session I want to try my hand at writing Poetry as well as Songs. With a little help from a friend, I would like to see it set to music and hopefully sung by someone. So the question about me having nuts, that will be revealed in another letter. It’s Time to go back to sleep,  Night.



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