Catching Up and Strange Dreams

                       Hi everyone, I just noticed that I am missing like 18 letters during this session. I have four days to catch up. So I guess I need to write like five pieces per day, Plus a letter of intent for session 23. Can’t believe it is taking me this long to get over this freaking cold. Changed from Nyquil to Contact Cold and Flu and the new drugs seem to be working. But, I have been having these really strange dreams.

                        Lately I have been having the same High school dream of me missing classes. Some days, I go to the first three just fines then I forget where the rest of my classes were, and I’m struggling throughout the dream searching and lost. This morning I had a dream with one of our writers Serena in it. We seem to be on the run hiding from Edren for some reason. Strange dreams like that under these drugs.  Other than that I seem to be getting better, since I am no longer dizzy and drowsy all day.


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