Having Fun with My PS3

                 Ever since I got a PS3 for my birthday, I have been having a lot of fun watching Netflix on it as well as playing games. I went to Gamestop and traded in my old PS2 and 3 games that are not compatible with the new Playstation. I bought two games Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Yakuza 3 for a start. Boy games for the PS3 are expensive, the highest being $59.99 for a new game. I also subscribed to Playstation + for 3 months, so I can get game discounts as well as free games and Demos. Now the fun begins.

            There is also the Playstation Home, which is their version of the game Secondlife. Were you make an avatar of yourself, you then go about different worlds and interact with other people online, make friends, Play games, and decorate your own home. It makes me miss playing Secondlife and miss my friends in that game. It’s kind of like the SIMS game and other role-playing games. I miss being sucked into the game where I can forget the real world and be immersed in another life that’s better than my own. So you know what I have been doing when I am not wasting my time on Facebook.


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