I Love to Sleep and Dream

            You know what I like to do on a cold night. I want to snuggle up with my wife under three warm toasty blankets. My bed is so comfortable, that I want to sleep in it all day and night. I love soft, fluffy and velour blankets, love the way it feels against my skin. I have spent years sleeping on a Japanese Futon bed, now I sleep on a western mattress on the floor. I miss my warm fluffy futon mattress.

            If someone asked me what my favorite hobby is besides writing poetry, I would just tell them that I love to sleep. Whenever I sleep I live a separate life in my dream world. A place I can do just about anything I ever wanted to do. But lately I have been having the weirdest dreams. They say that whatever you dream about has something to do in your waking life. If that was the case, I am I having dreams of running away from and hiding from Edren, with a couple of the other Undeniable’s writers? If it means that I am running away from my goal, I am not running. I am just going in a different direction in order to get my book of poetry published. I am not leaving the Undeniables, I am going to keep on trying, even if it means I get continually rejected over and over again from the real book publishers.

            I want to try the hard way of getting published before I give in and publish my book myself. I need to put more effort into getting this book published, if I want to get my book into all the bookstores and libraries. So the conclusion to this piece is that I love to sleep and dream.


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