The World Today

            Today it is freaking cold outside. It’s so cold that it snowed in the foothills of Griffith Park. I only wised it snowed here in the hills near my place. Since the New Year started a lot of strange things have been happening lately. The weather in Southern California is at the record lowest it has ever been, and the wettest too.  Since the oil spill that is blamed on BP, other strange disasters and deaths have been happening at alarming rates.

            Like the weird deaths of birds falling out of the sky in two countries miles apart, to dead fish floating in areas not affected by the oil spill. If you believe that the world is going to end in 2012, this may be a Warning for more bad things to come. If the world doesn’t end then it is indeed dying from what we all are doing to the environment.  The poem I wrote back in 1991 pretty much sums up what is happening.

The World Today (1991) 

Forrest’s are burning,
Animals dying,

Nuclear missiles
Overhead are flying,

Children are crying,
And some are dying,

Is this really necessary,
No, it’s not.

What’s happening to us?
Student’s dropout,
Instead of learning,

The whole world seems
To be burning!


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