Odds and Ends and Other News

         Hey I noticed that I have only one day left of this session and I am still short 12 pieces. I really don’t think I will be able to catch up now, since I have to spend awhile writing my letter of intent to be able to write for the next session. Next session I will indeed write Poetry again, but I don’t really know what kind yet. I want to try writing prose and maybe try some limericks, preferably dirty ones lol. As well as some songs, maybe I will write a theme song for the Little Tokyo Paranormal Research Society.

         My Paranormal group is taking a break till we figure out where we will investigate. Need some help from my fellow group members to help find places we should investigate and I need someone to step up to contact some of the places for us. I am also looking for some contacts in the paranormal community to help get us into some places. Has anyone of my readers here seen or heard a ghost lately or know of any haunted places? Or is your home haunted and would you be willing to let us investigate it to get some proof of a haunting?

            In other news, my wife is still sick with a really bad cough and she is making me get my cold again. She is trying so hard to give me her cough, but I am refusing to let it take hold of me. I really hate being sick, I can’t write when I am sick, that is the reason I got so far behind on my writing. Some of those days the room was spinning around me and it was hard to even type during that time. I do feel bad for not keeping up with my daily writing, but what could I do, with my dizziness?

          Now I am watching the Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg on Netflix, trying to get myself motivated to write poetry again the next session. My favorite Poets are Allen Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Garrett Hongo, Lawson Inada, Basho and David Romero, and more that’s too much to list here.  These are the Poets, I look up to and admire. Ok this is it for tonight. See you all tomorrow.


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