I am the Purple Tortoise walking along this Haunted Highway. I may be slow but I will eventually get to where I am going. These are the Letters I am writing along this journey.

My name is Jeff Eikichi Lane, I am a Paranormal Investigator of the Little Tokyo Paranormal Research Society, Community Activist and Poet based in Los Angeles.

I am a mixture of English, Scottish/Irish: (Clans MacLean and Gunn), Cherokee/Mi’kmaq, Hawaiian, and a few others. I am proud of each culture I share.

My Letters will include tidbits of my life growing up in Little Tokyo, my Paranormal experiences, Buddhism, and other daily experiences. Writing for the Undeniables Writers Workshop.


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  1. serena w. lin
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 23:49:44


    Thank you for the warm welcome! I didn’t even realize that you had posted on my page because I don’t understand all the features, but I am enjoying my undeniable experience. I like that we chose the same blog background, and I am a huge fan of epistemology! Keep writing!



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