This is to everyone, not just the certain few. I went to a Poetry event tonight at the Cha & Café in El Monte.  I listened to six great poets, from the basic spoken word Artists to the Ones who are more comedic Actors, than ordinary Poets. If I didn’t have severe stage fright, I would be up there spewing my words forth into powerful Metaphors’. To be able to paint a picture in words, to have the audience hanging onto every word coming out of my mouth, just to have them hanging off the edge of their seats waiting for more, more of my poetry.

            Can you all imagine me on a stage with the spot light on me and me going blank and running to hide behind whatever podium? Like I used to do in speech class in high school, where I failed the class because I stood up their pacing back and forth, refusing to stay still and look at the audience. I am afraid that I will say something wrong, make a fool of myself and having everyone out their throw food at me for being so bad. Since I have a bad memory, I won’t be able to stand there and recite my poetry without having to read it.

            I have been telling other Poets that I am not a spoken word poet, just a poet who writes poetry that is meant to be read, not listened to. But that will change when I start to write songs, but I won’t be singing them. I will give them to people who can sing. You really don’t want to hear me sing. I haven’t sung anything since Jr. High school chorus class, and I think I sound terrible. Ok that’s enough writing for tonight. Good night all.



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